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University of Rostock, Institute of Biosciences
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Universität Rostock, Institut für Biowissenschaften
Wismarsche Strasse 8
+49 (0)381 498 6041
+49 (0)381 498 6042
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The Institute of Biosciences currently has 14 professorships covering all aspects of modern biology education in the newly established Bachelor's programme in Biosciences, in the discontinuing Diploma in Biology and in all teacher training programmes (elementary, secondary school, special education). Students are provided with a broad life science foundation and with wide scope for specialisation. An advanced Master's programme in Marine Biology is available from winter semester 07/08. Further Master's courses (Functional Plant Biology, Biosystems Technology, and Zoology) will be introduced in coming years. Alongside their teaching commitments at the Institute of Biosciences many lecturers contribute towards teaching in other departments, e.g. Agricultural Ecology, Land Management and Environmental Protection, Environmental Measurement Technology and Environmental Informatics. They also engage in the university distance learning courses 'Education and Environment' and 'Environmental Protection', in vocational and further training and at schools (e.g. in Jugend forscht competitions).With attractive staff-student ratios students at Rostock enjoy close contact with faculty and fellow students in an atmosphere that is built on interaction and collaboration. This includes the opportunity to meet teaching staff not only in lectures, but seminars, practicals and field courses. There are no long waiting lists for practicals, causing delays in study, neither are there crowded lecture halls.The Institute's high-quality facilities (newly built laboratories, lecture halls and natural science library, CIP pool (pdf-Datei) are complemented by a number of distinctive institutions, supporting teaching and research: 1. The Biological station Zingst2. Botanical Garden and Herbarium3. Zoological Collection4. Center for Light Microscopy5. Culture Collections6. Research Boats

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