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Universite D'Angers / Laboratoire Des Bio-Indicateurs Actuels Et Fossiles (Biaf)
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Universite D'Angers / Laboratoire Des Bio-Indicateurs Actuels Et Fossiles (Biaf)
UFR Sciences - UPRES EA 2644 2, Bd Lavoisier
ANGERS cedex 01

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Laboratory of Recent and Fossil Bio-Indicators The Laboratory of Recent and Fossil Bio-Indicators (BIAF) at Angers University is concerned with the study of recent and past marine and coastal ecosystems, using fossilisable micro-organisms and sedimentological characteristics. The Laboratory has been formally recognised in 1999, by the French Ministry of Youth, National Education and Research, as UPRES EA 2644. The main part of our research is concerned with the study of fossilisable micro-organisms (e.g. foraminifera). We try to better understand the relationships between the ecology of the organisms and the physical and chemical characteristics of the environment. We concentrate on the taxonomical composition of the communities, on the morphology of individual taxa, and on the chemical composition of their remains. The aim of this research is threefold: 1. to better understand the functioning of benthic and pelagic ecosystems in open ocean as well as coastal areas. 2. to use these micro-organisms as bio-indicators of ecosystem health. Our group is involved in monitoring studies of the impact of oil spills, of drill mud disposal, of pollution related to anthropisation in coastal areas. 3. to use fossil counterparts of these micro-organisms to reconstruct ancient ecosystems. Our group is especially involved in the development of new paleoceanographic proxies. Our research strategy consists has three main components: 1. observation of the recent ecology of our indicator taxa in field situations. 2. culture experiments under controlled conditions in our laboratory at Angers University. 3. application of the observed proxy relationships in fossil situations.

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