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University of Wales, School of Ocean Sciences
United Kingdom
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Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences

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The School of Ocean Sciences (SOS) is part of the University of Wales Bangor. It is one of the two United Kingdom universities specialising in oceanography. The SOS is one of the largest marine science academic departments in Europe. Its research interests are multi-disciplinary (i.e. biological, chemical, geological and hydrodynamical) and relate not only to the water mass and what is contained within it, but also the sediments lying below it.

The SOS participated in several Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Community Research Projects (CRPs), including the North Sea Project, the Biogeochemical Ocean Flux Study (BOFS), and the Land Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS). It acted as host laboratory to the NERC Community Research Project Plankton Reactivity in the Marine Environment (PRIME). In addition, the School is taking part in a number of CEC MAST projects, including PROFILE, MORENA, European Coastal Transition Zone project and Mapping of Sea Bottom Topography in a Multi-Sensor Approach. Further details of the Department are available from the Departmental Secretary.

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