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Ankara University
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Ankara Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi
0312 596 10 00
0312 317 67 24
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The Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University is a higher education institution that has the scientific experience gained from the last 100 years of education in Turkey. It aims to educate and train well qualified agricultural engineers, scientists and administrative staff to generate and disseminate technologies required for every aspects of the country's dynamic agricultural sector.

The Faculty was founded in 1933 in Ankara. However, its longer experience extends from that of the Halkalı High School of Agriculture which functioned in İstanbul from the last decade of 19th century. A few years after the foundation of the Turkish Republic 1923, this school was transferred to Ankara and was the cornerstone in the establishment of the Agricultural Faculty.

Until 1955, this faculty was the only higher educational institution in Turkey which included teaching in agricultural sciences. From this time it fostered the development of other institutions giving rise to the most of all the other agricultural faculties presently spread throughout Turkey.

Modifications and adjustments to the educational system of the faculty occur periodically in order to ensure it keeps itself up to date to meet the rapidly changing demands of the vital agricultural sector of the Turkish economy.


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