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IGME/Geological Survey of Spain. Marine Geology Service (IGME)
Native name
IGME/Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana, Servicio de Geologia Marina
C/Rios Rosas 23
+34 913 495700
+34 914 426216
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The GeoMining Technology Institute of Spain belongs to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and was established in the past century for the purpose of carrying out geological research in Spain as well as to provide advice to the Public Administrations. The Marine Geology Service is working in a systematic program of Geological Mapmaking of the Spanish continental margins and adjacent zones with the development of geophysical prospecting and sampling.

The IGME'S departments, specialized in various fields of activity, its project offices and laboratories provide professional and technical assistance, applied research and technological development in specific fields such as GEOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT, HYDROGEOLOGY, MINERAL RESOURCES, NATURAL RISKS and LAND USE PLANNING.

The IGME relies on almost 200 university graduates, with a total staff of more than 400 people.

IGME facilities, including its headquarters, PROJECT OFFICES in several places around the country, LABORATORIES, warehouses, DRILL CORE REPOSITORY , LIBRARY and MUSEUM, are equipped with advanced technology and technical resources.

As a national centre for knowledge basic scientific generation, information and R&D promotion in the Earth Sciences, the IGME participates in national and international scientific and technical forums, carrying out, research and development projects for public, autonomous community and local institutions, as well as for the private sector, collaborating with various international organizations from other countries.

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