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Sinop University, Fisheries Faculty

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Sinop University, Fisheries Faculty is former Sinop Fisheries Faculty of Ondokuz Mayis University.

Sinop Fisheries Faculty of Ondokuz Mayis University has risen to national prominence as a centre for teaching research in Marine Biology and Ecology, Fishing Technology, Fish Processing, and Aquaculture. The academic staff have responsibility for teaching to undergraduate students, with field courses and lectures in Sinop. We also offer 2-year M.S.c. courses in Marine Biology and Ecology, Environmental Science (Marine Pollution, Toxicology), Fishing Technology, Fish Processing and Aquaculture. An important activity at Sinop Fisheries Faculty is training in research. Supervised by members of the teaching staff, postgraduate students undergo four years of research training for the Ph.D. degree, their work often contributing to the research programmes maintaned by the staff. Sinop Fisheries Faculty divited into 3 divisions, namely Main Branch of Basic Science of Sinop Fisheries Faculty, Main Branch of Fishing Technology and Processing and Main Branch of Aquaculture. We have 23 academic staff and 30 research assistants in the Faculty. There are 7 laborotories at the Faculty. We have 11- meter fish boat with equipments.  Our Faculty are responsible for projects which involves the biochemical measurement off the Cape Sinop of the Central Black Sea. At 2 stations along an offshore section, O2, pH, temperature, salinity, phosphate, nitrate, silicate, chlorophyll-a measurement and phyto, zoo, ichthyo and mesooplankton sampling is being carried out at 30 days intervals. The time series data will then be processed to study the biochemical characteristic of the region. Our Faculty are also responsible for many projects, which are sponsored by Ondokuz Mayis University, concerning aquaculture of trout inland and in Black Sea, the acute toxicity  of some heavy metals to the marine invertebrates which lives in Black Sea, organic pollution effect on distribution of marine alg and invertebrates from sinop Peninsula, Black Sea.

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